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Reiki Session



Have specific questions or need more guidance with your specific health concerns, schedule your 30 minute, No Commitment Required, Complimentary Health Consultation and one of our experienced practitioners can guide you in the right direction.



At Magick Oak, we offer a wide range of services that cater to your wellness needs. We specialize in women's health, in particular peri-menopause and menopausal women's health.


Our services include acupuncture and Chinese herbalism, Ayurvedic treatments, hypnotherapy, astrology and tarot readings, therapeutic massages, reiki and other energetic healing modalities.

From classes and workshops to weekend retreats, we are the go-to for self-exploration, connection to community, and healing as a whole-being process.



At Magick Oak, we believe in the power of natural healing. That's why we offer a range of products that are locally sourced and made with natural ingredients. Our products include chinese herbal formulas, books, candles, jewelry, clean beauty products, and unique gift items, many locally sourced from Sonoma County!

Janice K., Glen Ellen

I recently experienced a truly exceptional massage, and I cannot express enough how rejuvenated and relaxed I feel after the session. The massage therapist exhibited a remarkable level of skill and professionalism that made the entire experience memorable. Kara the therapist was attentive and took the time to understand my specific needs and preferences before the massage began. And my neck and shoulders have not felt this good in many many years.

Julianne F., Windsor

My reiki healing with Bobbie was much needed. I felt right away I was in a safe healing space. I have definitely felt a shift for me after that brings up much needed attention and her intuitive connection was helpful guidance.

Kalen W., Santa Rosa

Bobbie is very intuitive and knows the right questions to illicit a beautiful transformative experience. The hypnotherapy sessions helped me work on some deep childhood issues that had been holding me back in life. It was a powerful process of uncovering beliefs I didn’t know were there and transforming the beliefs I had made around those experiences. I definitely will use Bobbie in the future and enjoyed the whole process of hypnotherapy.


At the heart of Magick Oak's offerings is a deep commitment to your holistic transformation. Our therapies, rooted in ancient wisdom and combined with cutting-edge approaches, encompass Chinese medicine, ayurvedic practices, acupuncture, therapeutic massages, hypnotherapy, and reiki. These modalities converge to create a tapestry of healing possibilities, helping you find relief, relaxation, and reconnection to your true self.

Holistic Health
Reiki Energy Healing
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