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Here at Magick Oak we believe that it's important to always be a student. Learning, being in community, and having fun are detrimental components of a holistic life.  


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Full Moon Reiki Circle

You are warmly invited to join us for a Full Moon Reiki Circle, an evening of healing, positive energy, and community.

Whether you're an experienced Reiki practitioner or newly trained in this beautiful practice, our circle is open to all.

During our circle, we will come together to share the gift of Reiki, offer healing intentions, and create a space of support and positive energy. It's a wonderful opportunity to both give and receive this healing energy in a loving and nurturing environment.

Please bring your positive intentions, an open heart, and any Reiki tools you'd like to use. If you're new to Reiki, don't worry; we'll be happy to guide you.

Bring a light vegan or vegetarian dish to share if you wish to stay to connect afterwards. Please also bring your own utensils. Tea and water will be provided. 

Thursday, February 22nd


$10 -$20 suggested donation but

no one will be turned away for lack of funds 



Tarot & Teatime

Embark on a magical journey at our monthly Tea & Tarot event.

Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere filled with aromatic tea, candles, and personalized astrology or tarot card readings with veteran Astrologer & Tarot Reader, Jessica Demitro.


Allow Jessica to provide insights into your past, present, and potential future. Join us for an afternoon of relaxation, mysticism, and community, creating a memorable space for self-reflection and connection.

$75 | 30 min Tarot Reading

$135 | 60 min Tarot Reading

Sunday, March 3rd, 12pm-3pm


Space is limited!


Pranayama - A Seated Yogic Breathwork Series
with Kara Weimer

Join Kara Weimer as she takes us through cleansing practices (kriyas) that release toxins, massage and nourish internal organs, support digestion, strengthen the lungs, improve blood flow and clear the mind.

Implement breathing techniques to focus and calm the mind and nervous system, harness the vital life force energy, including soli-lunar balancing and ujjayi breath, with breath holds and internal locks.

Connecting to the primordial cosmic vibration of “OM” and the internal sound current through mantra pranayama.

Every Wednesday, Starting in March 5pm-6:15am

$25 | 75 min.

$130 | 6 Sessions Package


Yoga Instructor

Tea & Tarot - Brewing Wisdom Workshop

The magick of Tea & Tarot awaits! Join us for an afternoon of educational workshops, as we combine mystical herbs, delightful aromas, and spellbinding fun. Your destiny awaits—sip, blend, and divine with tea and tarot.

**What to Expect:**

  • Discover the ancient art of tea leaf reading in the first part of the afternoon. Participants will explore the intriguing skill of interpreting patterns formed by tea leaves in their cup. This hands-on experience includes learning the ritual of the tasseomancy and the rich symbolism associated with various shapes and arrangements.

  • Enter our tea laboratory to create personalized blends infused with enchantment and intention. Explore a variety of herbs, florals, and spices to craft your own unique tea blend. Every participant takes home their magickal creation from this hands-on workshop.

  • In the second half of the day, participants will explore the art of tarot card reading, learning the symbolism, interpretations, and intuitive techniques. This interactive session provides hands-on practice, empowering attendees to connect with the ancient wisdom of the cards. Whether you're a beginner or looking to deepen your understanding, our Tarot Workshop offers a captivating journey into self-discovery and divination.

  • **Attire:**
    Feel free to adorn yourself in your most enchanting and mystical attire - think flowing robes, earthy tones, whimsical accessories, and whatever makes you feel like the magickal person you are.

    **Please purchase tickets by March 7th** Space is limited, so don't miss your chance to partake in this enchanting soiree.

    May your tea always be steeped in magick, and your cup forever filled with wonder.

    Enchanted regards,
    Bobbie Larson & Jessica Demitro

Sunday, March 10th 12pm-4pm



Tea & Tarot Workshop.png

Community Acupuncture - RETURNS IN THE SPRING

Join us weekly for Community Acupuncture.

Each 40-60 minute session includes quick consultation, and a pulse and/or tongue reading to determine your health needs. 


Reservations highly recommended. This is a great time to try acupuncture and get your questions answered. 

Please email us with your preferred time, how many in your party, and a phone number. We will respond with a confirmation within a day. Thanks!

Date & Time TBD

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